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SIMS for Senior Leadership Team

In our endeavour to ensure that all Warwickshire schools get the most out of their Management Information Systems we ran our new course "SIMS for Senior Leadership Team" for the first time this term and were extremely encouraged by all the positive feedback.

  • "You clearly know your stuff really well and gave us some super insights into how we can use SIMS."

  • "Today was excellent- really useful"

  • "Thought the course was very useful as a refresher on the various bits of SIMS. "

The Free half day course is designed to inform SLT members of what is and what can be recorded in SIMS and how they can use this data to its full potential to enable them to further drive school improvement.

The presentation shows SLT members the scope of SIMS to support their work and not just tick a box when it comes to statutory returns or an OFSTED visit.

We cover

  • the use of Discover to monitor attendance and achievement

  • various SIMS reporting outputs to analyse school data

  • how you can customise your SIMS system

  • the advantages of SIMS in the Classroom

  • Make use of a variety of SIMS modules

The next SIMS for Senior Leadership Team course is on the 11th November from 09:30 - 12:30 so please contact our service desk to book your place.

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