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Nominet information 


Nominet is the registry for a number of Warwickshire Schools using the (Nameofschool) domain.

The following terms and conditions, and service level agreements are for Schools who use this service.

Terms and Conditions

The following is a link to Nominet’s Term and conditions


Service Level Agreements

We will monitor our performance against the following KPIs on a quarterly basis.  Performance reports will be scrutinised by the WES Board who will set reparative expectations for any service levels that fall below published standards.

If as a customer you believe our service level has fallen below these levels, please contact us.


The Key Performance Indicators below are based on industry standard guidelines such as ITIL, Becta and Capita Accreditation standards.






Complaints and appeals procedures

Please let a member of staff know straight away if you are unhappy about something. We want to put things right as quickly as possible. Start by talking, writing to, or emailing the person you have been dealing with at the council. Most problems can be sorted out this way.


If we can’t find a solution together quickly, we can consider your problem under the council’s complaints procedure.


We will always deal with your complaint in the most appropriate way. Separate procedures apply in some cases e.g. social care and education.


Make a complaint

For most Warwickshire County Council services there is a two stage complaints procedure.


Stage One: Investigation

This will involve an appropriate officer, usually from the service area where the problem occurred, investigating your complaint. We aim to resolve the issue within ten working days. If we think it will take longer we will let you know.

In exceptional circumstances a more detailed investigation may be required. The person investigating your complaint will let you know if this is the case. This is called a commissioned investigation and will usually be completed within 25 working days.


Stage Two: Review

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from the stage one investigation you can ask for review. You will need to do this within 10 working days of receiving your response from stage one. The council’s Customer Relations Team will carry out the review. The review will not reinvestigate the complaint, but will look at your continuing concerns and what practical steps can be taken to address them. The review will usually be completed within 30 working days. You will be provided with a clear written response when the review is complete.


Contact details

For any queries or abuse complaints please contact the Service Desk on 01926 414100

The Service Desk is available between 8.30am to 5pm during term time and between 9am and 4pm during school holidays (with the exception of the Christmas holiday and bank holidays) for you to log any ICT issues.


All Service Desk requests are recorded in our call logging system, Supportworks, and are proactively monitored to ensure that we meet our service level agreement targets.


You can also email the Service Desk at or you can log a call directly via our Self Service facility.

Service Desk staff check and monitor emails, voicemails and self- service calls regularly throughout the working day.


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