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Every day schools rely on Warwickshire County Council to protect their data through a fully automated, encrypted and secure online backup and recovery service for education establishments of any size.

To read all about this essential service click the image to the right.

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Technical Support

Our service makes it easier for you to run your educational establishment by ensuring your critical IT systems are functioning at optimum levels when you need them and providing support and advice in their effective use. We operate a centralised monitoring service to support schools to keep children safe when using their computers and the Internet.  Our service opens the door to a wide range of coordinated ICT support and resources to enrich teaching and learning in your establishment.

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs – please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a tailored package for your school.

Our Services 


  • Access to the ICT development service desk

  • Remote support for technical issues

  • Onsite support 

  • Full technical support for your admin/curriculum Server


  • Full technical support for approved PC/laptops


  • Technical support visits

  • Procurement and installation


  • Monitoring service for your servers 

  • DNS changes for school websites

  • McAfee support 

  • PC/laptop image development/creation


  • PCE monitoring 


  • Remote backup and data recovery



  • Website filtering including



  • Provisioning of user accounts

  • Welearn365 email creation and support

  • Free 1/2 day visit for virus support


  • iPad Management and Support


  • Wireless support


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